Shop design kandelaren en waxinehouders van Scandinavische makelij. Plaats jouw kaarsen en waxinelichtjes in Scandinavische stijl met deze uniek vormgegeven houders. Kandelaren bij Sterk Online vind je van de merken Georg Jensen, Normann Copenhagen en Puik design. De kandelaren brengen mooie decoratie in huis en zijn perfect te gebruiken voor jezelf of als mooi cadeau.

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  1. NIEUW
    Northern Granny kandelaar Northern Granny kandelaar

    Northern Granny kandelaar

    As low as €23.20 Regular Price €29.00
    Northern Granny kandelaar
    As low as €23.20 Regular Price €29.00

    De Northern Granny kandelaar verlicht het interieur op de ouderwetse manier. In plaats van de aan / uit-schakelaar om te draaien, slaat u een lucifer aan en kijkt toe terwijl het gezellige kaarslicht zich over de kamer verspreidt. De Granny kandelaar is ontworpen met moderne innovaties die de aantrekkingskracht vergroten. De randen van de voet buigen omhoog om gesmolten was op te vangen. De houder is ontwerpen met een beweegbare messing knop die het makkelijker maakt om overgebleven kaarsvet te verwijderen en een nieuwe kaars erin te plaatsen.

    De Northern Granny is verkrijgbaar in wit of zwart en in 2 hoogte uitvoeringen. Een luxe ontwerp van Rudi Wulff.

  2. Tea light holder from cast iron.
  3. Candlestick from cast iron.
  4. Normann Copenhagen Flag candle holder
    As low as €20.00
    Flag is a minimalist and funky candlestick with a geometric and rigid expression. The Swedish designer Jonas Wagell has created this new interpretation of the classical chamber candlestick – a light candle holder in five warm colours. In the old days, the chamber candlestick was used to provide light at night. Today, candlelight is used to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. With clear references to the chamber candlestick, Flag has a recognisable function and modern expression and is easily moved by picking up the little flag. Flag’s design was inspired by the little signal flags on floating buoys used to send signals to sailors. Designed to hold a single candle, the candlestick has a classic expression that would suit any interior style.
  5. Normann Copenhagen Nocto candlestick
    As low as €20.00
    Nocto is a minimalistic candlestick with a modern design and a strong visual expression. The Swedish designer, Pontus Ny, has reinterpreted the classic chamber candlestick and stripped the design to the bone. In this way, he was able to focus on the relationship between the candlestick and the candle itself. Candlelight's ability to add ambience to its surroundings fascinated Pontus Ny and formed the basis for the design of Nocto. Just like the classical chamber candlestick, Nocto has a handle that makes it easy to move, and its name also refers to the chamber candlestick's original function - to provide light at night.
  6. Ilse Crawford broadens the horizons of everyday items.
  7. Georg Jensen Season candleholder
    As low as €90.00
    Candleholder for 4 candles
  8. Holmegaard Lantern

    As low as €43.95
    Holmegaard Lantern
    As low as €43.95
    Design with Light (DWL) is Holmegaard's interpretation on presenting beautiful glass designs for those times when the use of glittering candles is required, whether you're inside or outside. Lanterns designer Maria Berntsen makes beautiful vibrant light additions to any balcony or garden terrace. The circular hole is shaped by hand by skilled craftsmen. They make each piece slightly unique. A beautiful handmade glass lantern with leather strap.
  9. iittala Kivi 60mm

    As low as €17.00
    iittala Kivi 60mm
    As low as €17.00
    These small, colourful jewels of light are the creations of Iittala’s thorough knowledge of glass.
  10. SALE
    Puik-Art Clipper candle holder Puik-Art Clipper candle holder
    Puik-Art Clipper candle holder
    As low as €14.95
    ‘CLIPPER’ is the a-little-different candle holder. It is elegant and simple but at the same time very handy as it can easily be clipped on a flat surface. Fixed on the side of a table, it doesn’t take space on the person, nor the view on the person sitting vis-a-vis. Clipper is the perfect acessory for a candlelight dinner, but looks great on a sideboard or a big table too.
  11. SALE
    Puik-Art Silly candle holder Puik-Art Silly candle holder
    Puik-Art Silly candle holder
    As low as €19.95
    The Puik-Art Silly is a nice candle holder that can be used as multi-functional candle holder and on the other side as a tea light container. 1 item is a set of two. Thanks to the fun colors Silly is a fresh addition to the interior. Silly is made of silicone and is also available as a luxury concrete version. Silly is designed by Bastiaan Hemmes and is a nice product for yourself but also very suitable to give as a gift. The silly it looks a bit like a coffee cup with handle, but is really a candlestick.
  12. The large Copenhagen candlestick holder by Georg Jensen is a reissue in 2007 of the original 1960 design by Søren Georg Jensen. The Copenhagen candlestick was designed as an altar candle holder for a modern Scandinavian church. The Georg Jensen Copenhagen candlestick is an important item to the Scandinavian design history. The Copenhagen candlestick is made of mirror polished stainless steel and can hold two candles for a stunning look. The Copenhagen candle holder is an icon to the post WW2 Danish design story. The Masterpiece candles can be ordered separately.
  13. Georg Jensen Cobra Candleholder
    As low as €109.00
    Strong curves give COBRA an impression of movement.
  14. The Northern Iris is a candle and tea light holder in one. The nice accessory is made of matt black cast iron. One side is suitable to hold a standard candle and the other has a larger opening for a tea light. The contemporary design refers to the age-old candle holder with a small handle. The versatile design of Studio Dreimann fits perfectly on the table in a café or restaurant, but of course also at home.

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