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  1. Eva Solo AquaStar watering can

    As low as €34.95
    Eva Solo AquaStar watering can
    As low as €34.95
    This minimalist watering can is designed to be on display so it is always ready to hand. The pointed spout facilitates watering even small pots and produces an even stream of water. Remove the spout to fill the watering can. Made of plastic and chrome plastic. Keep inside when not in use.
  2. Eva Solo Bird table 2L
    The Eva Solo bird table in this cone version is 2 liters. The bird seed runs itself down in the tray as soon as the birds enjoy their lunch. A beautiful hand-blown glass globe with a stainless steel rod so it can show off a long time outside in the garden, even when it rains. The bird table is also available in two other shapes and sizes.
  3. Kay Bojesen - Santa Claus
    The Kay Bojesen Santa Claus is a beautifully painted wooden doll designed in 1948. Santa is made of beech wood and to use as decoration. A nice item to put on the table around the month of December. Santa has a height of 19.5cm and comes in a nice box.
  4. The Northern Iris is a candle and tea light holder in one. The nice accessory is made of matt black cast iron. One side is suitable to hold a standard candle and the other has a larger opening for a tea light. The contemporary design refers to the age-old candle holder with a small handle. The versatile design of Studio Dreimann fits perfectly on the table in a café or restaurant, but of course also at home.
  5. Puik design Monday Mug / Espresso cups
    As low as €19.95
    The Puik design Monday cups are available in two sizes. The small version for a delicious espresso and the big Mug for example an Americano. Both perfect to start the Monday morning! The Puik Monday mug coffee cups are made of ceramic. The inside smooth glazed and the outside matt, which creates a luxurious effect. The design of these fun Monday mugs is from Siebring & Zoetmulder. 1 item consists of a set of 2, so nice to drink coffee together.
  6. Northern Granny kandelaar

    As low as €29.00
    Northern Granny kandelaar
    As low as €29.00

    De Northern Granny kandelaar verlicht het interieur op de ouderwetse manier. In plaats van de aan / uit-schakelaar om te draaien, slaat u een lucifer aan en kijkt toe terwijl het gezellige kaarslicht zich over de kamer verspreidt. De Granny kandelaar is ontworpen met moderne innovaties die de aantrekkingskracht vergroten. De randen van de voet buigen omhoog om gesmolten was op te vangen. De houder is ontwerpen met een beweegbare messing knop die het makkelijker maakt om overgebleven kaarsvet te verwijderen en een nieuwe kaars erin te plaatsen.

    De Northern Granny is verkrijgbaar in wit of zwart en in 2 hoogte uitvoeringen. Een luxe ontwerp van Rudi Wulff.

  7. Eva Solo Cafétiere Nordic

    The Eva Solo Cafétiere Nordic Kitchen is a minimalist design by Tools Design. The casing of the cafetiere is made of stainless steel that blends beautifully with the oak handle. With this can you easily make coffee for about 8 cups. The design ensures that the pouring spout has minimum drops and the coffee stays hot for a long time. Make coffee like the French by pouring a layer of coffee on the bottom, add warm water. Just wait (4 min) and then press down and enjoy delicious coffee.

    The plunger is dishwasher safe, but the jug must be washed by hand because of its oak handle.

  8. Eva Solo Jar met deksel

    With the Eva Solo Jar with lid you give the bathroom a touch of style. This pot with lid is perfect for storing small things like cotton buds, hair bands or jewelry. Both the jar and the lid are made of matt black ceramic and stainless steel in a simple design that matches the other products in the Eva Solo bathroom series.

  9. Artek poster 75 jaar 100x140 cm

    The Artek 75 poster is a tribute from designer Kustaa Saksi for the zebra print motif that Alvar Aalto introduced in the 1930s as an upholstery on icons like the Artek 400. The poster has a huge size of 100 x 140 cm and makes a powerful statement in the interior.

  10. Artek Outline posters 50x70cm

    As low as €29.95
    Artek Outline posters 50x70cm
    As low as €29.95

    The Artek Outline posters show an abstraction of the organic lines of the iconic furniture by Alvar Aalto, the Finnish designer. The Outline poster has a size of 50 x 70 cm and is printed on Munken Lynx Rough paper. The design of the posters is from the Helsinki-based design studio Tsto. The shapes of the Armchair 41, Lounge Chair 43 and the Tea Trolley 900 are placed on a specially selected Scandinavian color palette.

  11. Artek Zebra zitting kussen

    The classic Zebra fabric was originally discovered by Aino Aalto during her European travels. Already in the 1930s Zebra was included in the Artek interiors and perhaps the most famous of the iconic Armchair 400. The Zebra seat cushion is both striking and practical and proves a comfortable addition to a chair. Because a part of the Artek range is made of standardized parts, the seat cushion is compatible with a number of stools and chairs, including the iconic Stool 60.

  12. Artek Icon kaarten set

    The Artek Icon cards set consists of 5 cards with prints of icons from the Artek collection, Alvar Aalto, Ilmari Tapiovaara, and Shigeru Ban. Each of these cards is made from 350 gr recycled cardboard. This set is for the lover of Finnish and Scandinavian design. The cards are a design by the Berlin design studio Greige. The cards have the size of A6.

  13. Eva Solo Soap dispenser

    With the Eva Solo soap dispenser soap pump you give the bathroom a touch of style. The soap dispenser is perfect for your favorite soap. It is easy to refill and easy to clean. The container is made of matt black ceramics in a simple design that matches the other products in the Eva Solo bathroom collection.

  14. Kay Bojesen Santa Clara

    Santa Clara from Kay Bojesen's collection has been a member of the beautiful family of wooden figures since 2017. Not many people know that the Mythical figure Santa has a wife. That is mrs. Santa or Santa Clara, the Christmas woman. A super nice gift for around the holidays and stands as a beautiful Christmas decoration item alone or together with her Santa.

  15. NIEUW
    Georg Jensen Matrix Tray Georg Jensen Matrix Tray
    Georg Jensen Matrix Tray

    The Matrix Tray by Georg Jensen is a beautiful design by Monica Förster. The Matrix Tray consists of polished stainless steel with a leather inlay. For example, it is perfect for use at your desk where you can easily keep all loose items at hand. You can of course also serve some bowls with nuts and enjoy a luxurious look on the table.

  16. The Eva Solo Decanter carafe with cooling element is very suitable for serving white wine and rosé. Because of the unique pouring spout, there is a lot of oxygen in the wine which makes it soften and the aromas are released. A rich Chardonnay in particular will benefit from this. The cooling element that you place in the freezer beforehand keeps the wine cold for a long time. There is also a decanter available without a red wine cooling block.

  17. Eva Solo Pour-over coffee-maker

    With the Eva Solo Pour-over coffee maker coffee pot you can make coffee in a traditional way. Get the best out of your coffee beans by slowly filtering the water with the grind. In contrast to paper filters, the metal filter can be used time and time again, much better for the environment. The steel filter leaves the aroma and oils in the coffee. Is the coffee ready? Then take out the steel filter and place the cork cap for a nice view on the table. The glass can withstand high temperatures with the handle always being cool. For the best coffee, add 45-60 g of ground coffee to 1 liter of boiled water.

  18. Northern Frame rack

    The Northern Frame is a unique space-saving object on the wall that can be used as a coat rack, drying rack or element to hang nice decorations on. The design of the Frame rack can be seen as a contemporary work of art. The graphic contours are very multifunctional in use. Attach the rectangular frame to the wall and let the inner elements rotate to the desired position. Frame is a design by Cecilia Xinyu Zhang and to use for example in the hall, bathroom or bedroom.

  19. Eva Solo Simply soap dispenser

    The Eva Solo Simple soap dispenser soap pump is designed with a strong eye on simplicity. The name suggests this already. The Simply soap pump is easy to operate with one hand. The outside is made of stainless steel and the inside of plastic. Press the top and each time the same amount of soap comes out. A sleek design from Tools Design.

  20. NIEUW
    Eva Solo Urban To Go Cup koffiebeker Eva Solo Urban To Go Cup koffiebeker
    Eva Solo Urban To Go Cup koffiebeker
    As low as €34.95

    De Eva Solo Urban To Go Cup is een koffiebeker voor de echte koffie liefhebber onderweg. Elke koffie liefhebber kent wel zo zijn eigen koffie adressen in de stad, maar er gaat niets boven jouw eigen maling? Dan is deze stijlvolle koffiebeker perfect voor jou. De beker is gemaakt van dubbelwandig RVS zodat de koffie lang warm blijft. De slimme sluiting die met 1 hand te bedienen is zorgt ervoor dat je gemakkelijk kunt drinken.

  21. Normann Copenhagen Swing vase

    As low as €25.00
    Normann Copenhagen Swing vase
    As low as €25.00
    This swinging vase is made by glass blowers making each one a unique.
  22. Normann Copenhagen Stone hooks
    Set of 2 stone hooks for onto the wall. A nice surprise for your guests.
  23. SALE
    Normann Copenhagen Dustpan & Broom Normann Copenhagen Dustpan & Broom
    Normann Copenhagen Dustpan & Broom
    As low as €23.75
    The dustpan is also excellent for sweeping crumbs of the table. It's flexibel and thin material makes it ideal for collecting all kinds of dust. The dustpan can hang on the wall.
  24. SALE
    Normann Copenhagen Whisk Normann Copenhagen Whisk

    Normann Copenhagen Whisk

    As low as €17.50 Regular Price €20.00
    Normann Copenhagen Whisk
    As low as €17.50 Regular Price €20.00
    Whisk in fun colors. Recommended to hand wash dishes.
  25. SALE
    Normann Copenhagen Fusion ladle Normann Copenhagen Fusion ladle

    Normann Copenhagen Fusion ladle

    Special Price €7.50 Regular Price €14.00
    Normann Copenhagen Fusion ladle
    Special Price €7.50 Regular Price €14.00
    Ladle by Odoardo Fioravanti for Normann Copenhagen.
  26. SALE
    Normann Copenhagen Fusion palette Normann Copenhagen Fusion palette

    Normann Copenhagen Fusion palette

    Special Price €7.50 Regular Price €14.00
    Normann Copenhagen Fusion palette
    Special Price €7.50 Regular Price €14.00
  27. Normann Copenhagen Beater whisk
    As low as €16.00
    Remarkable designed whisk in various refreshing colors. Beater is inspired by a pack of straws and is gathered in the middle using a ring that functions as both an opening and closing mechanism and a hanging fixture. An everyday product with a creative and space-saving design.
  28. Normann Copenhagen Flag candle holder
    As low as €20.00
    Flag is a minimalist and funky candlestick with a geometric and rigid expression. The Swedish designer Jonas Wagell has created this new interpretation of the classical chamber candlestick – a light candle holder in five warm colours. In the old days, the chamber candlestick was used to provide light at night. Today, candlelight is used to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. With clear references to the chamber candlestick, Flag has a recognisable function and modern expression and is easily moved by picking up the little flag. Flag’s design was inspired by the little signal flags on floating buoys used to send signals to sailors. Designed to hold a single candle, the candlestick has a classic expression that would suit any interior style.

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