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Louis Poulsen Collage pendant

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The Collage pendant lamp for Louis Poulsen is designed by Louise Campbell. The lamp shines beautifully diffused light through the laser cut acrylic cap layers. The layers are carefully placed over each other so that no glare of the light source is formed. The optional lower screen and topscherm provide stopping glare, this may be important if the lamp is placed in a high position where we can look at the light source. The Collage pendant lamp is available in four different mat colors and two sizes, Collage 450 and Collage 600.
More Information
Size 450: ø 450mm x 288mm / 600: ø 600mm x 360mm
Awards n.v.t. / n.a.
Technical info Ophanging: Kabel 450: 2x, 600: 3x0,75mm2. Baldakijn: Ja. Lengte van kabel: 450: 3m, 600: 4m.
Designer Louise Campbell
Material Schermophanging: natuurlijk geanodiseerd aluminium. Schermen: lasergesneden acrylaat.
Brand Louis-Poulsen