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Puik-Art Rare decanter

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The idea for this decanter for Puik Art, designed by Lara van der Lugt, comes from water and diamonds. The world's most treasured resources are becoming increasingly rare and should be handled with care. The shape of the 'Rare' carafe is inspired by a brilliant cut diamond. The decanter is made of mouth-blown crystal glass, which captures the light as beautiful as a real diamond. With a height of 20 cm and a width of 16cm, the 'Rare' can hold 1.2L water and can be put down on your table in numerous ways.
More Information
Designer Lara van der Lugt
Technical info -
Awards n.v.t. / n.a.
Size 20 x 16 cm / 1,2 Liter
Material Mond geblazen glas
Brand Puik-design